Hours of Operation:

Monday 8am–12pm
Tuesday 8am–12pm
Wednesday 8am–12pm
Thursday 8am–12pm
Friday 8am–12pm
Saturday CLOSED

Custom hours available upon request. (616) 799-4363.

Our Story

When talk of the lumber yard leaving Beaver Island came around town Ben Fogg and Ernie Martin and many other islanders, all thought it would be a shame for this to happen.  There are so many projects on Beaver Island that can be completed so much easier with a lumber yard on the island.  Then in 2017 Beaver Island Lumber was founded.

Beaver Island Lumber is excited to serve everyone on the island with a large selection of products:

Dimenstional Lumber


Drywall/Insulation – Including a Blown-In Insulating Machine

Cement Products

Roofing Materials –  Including Stand and Seam Metal Roofing

Siding Materials


White Wood/SPF

Treated Lumber/Decking